Our Technology

Our patented suite of software technology provides you with the business intelligence and actionable insights to make informed decisions – all from the palm of your hand.


The most comprehensive platform of energy management tools available.

Over the past 37 years, Cenergistic has listened to our customers, diagnosed problems, uncovered inefficiencies, and developed a smart, sustainable solution.

The culmination of that experience is our technology platform, Cenergistic Optimize®. Developed through years of onsite experience and nurtured in our internal culture of innovation, these tools embody our values, our commitment to sustainability, and our practical and common-sense approach.

These are more than simple apps that you install and forget. These are tools that help make your life easier on your Optimizing Energy Performance™ journey.


Mobile dashboards that communicate your energy conservation success to your stakeholders.


The business intelligence you’re looking for with the energy operations visibility you need.


Intuitive energy accounting software that lets you visualize and validate your energy program performance.


Create “what if” scenarios to model potential changes to your buildings and equipment.


Discover Energy Management Opportunities

Sustainability in the Cloud

Whether your goal is to improve energy use for a single building or multiple campuses, our software provides provides a single platform with insight into your energy consumption and related costs.

On Your Desktop or Phone

Our platform applies advanced analytics to mine rich meta information which your team sees as real-time reports, dashboards and alerts. It’s the power to know, save and act.

Informed Decision Making

Experience unparalleled visibility on all aspects of your energy usage. You'll have the business intelligence to make immediate decisions that will add value to your bottom line.

Software Included

Anyone can sell you software. We include it in our program while saving you money. You get the software, plus the full-time specialists to act on what the software is telling you.

Patented Innovations

Cenergistic pioneered behavioral energy conservation more than three decades ago. Today, our engineers and conservation experts continually refine our Opti-Commissioning® process. We’ve earned four patents for technology developed to complement the expertise of our personnel.

Energy Management - Our technology | Cenergistic
Energy Management - Our technology | Cenergistic
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