Who Benefits from Cenergistic's
Sustainability Solutions?

Over 1,400 Clients in K-12 Districts, Universities and Municipalities Nationwide

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Whether you’re a K-12 District, University or Municipality, we’ll find hidden savings in your energy and utility costs that you can reallocate to your students, staff, employees or taxpayers. Cenergistic offers a funding solution to overcome budget deficits and invest in the projects you need now.

K-12 Districts

Students, administrative staff and school board members all have a part to play in funding, maintaining and managing school facilities. Learn how leveraging powerful technology and seasoned energy experts will help return utility dollars to the classroom for higher student success rates. 


Managing facilities and housing students across multiple campuses with limited state funding can be difficult. Save your budget by proactively adopting the Cenergistic approach to sustainable savings. We help you identify, rectify and resolve energy waste faster so you waste less, save more and spend smarter.


Cities around the nation are looking for ways to balance their budgets and reinvest in their communities. Achieve more with our multi-disciplinary approach to energy conservation. We can save you 25% or more on utility costs from reduced operating expenses and better use of your constituents’ tax dollars.

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Montgomery – AL

When the City of Montgomery, Alabama administrators wanted to lower utility expenses, improve building comfort and support environmental stewardship, they sought a proven expert with a history of solving complex energy conservation equations.

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