Who Benefits?

Who can benefit from Cenergistic’s Sustainable Energy Solutions? Over 1,500 Clients in K-12 Districts, Universities, Municipalities, Hospitality and Healthcare Facilities Nationwide.


Save More. Spend Smarter.

Whether you’re a school district, college or university, local government or healthcare organization, we’ll address unnecessary energy waste to create savings from your expected energy use and utility costs that you can reallocate to your students, staff, employees, or taxpayers. Cenergistic offers a funding solution to overcome budget deficits and invest in the projects you need now. It’s the sustainable energy solution you need for one of your largest expenditures that you can’t go without — energy.

Redirected Dollars Fund Your Program

  • Recovers $ from your largest, non-strategic budget line item
  • Redirect dollars from utility budget to strategic items: programs, tech, and staff
No Risk Guarantee
  • Fees are guaranteed to be generated from energy consumption savings. No Savings. No Fee.
Energy Specialists
  • Singularly focused and trained to find savings opportunities
  • Dedicated, on-site person who executes on the plan
  • Local talent hired specifically for you
Engineering and Expert Support
  • Solving the most complex problems
  • Nationally recognized, full-time Cenergistic team members working for you
  • Optimizing energy consumption and delivering healthier buildings for your students
Our Patented Technology
  • Track all meters/energy data to alert areas needing attention in real-time
  • Drive decisions on what to do, where and when
Comfort Assurance
  • Optimize building energy consumption and comfor

Students, administrative staff and school board members all have a part to play in funding, maintaining and managing school facilities. Learn how Cenergistic can help you redirect utility dollars to the classroom for higher student success rates.


Keeping tuition affordable, managing facilities and housing students across multiple campuses with limited state funding can be difficult. We help you identify, address and resolve energy waste faster so you waste less, save more and spend smarter.


Local governments around the nation are looking for ways to balance their budgets and reinvest in their communities. Cenergistic clients save an average of 25% or more on utility costs from reduced operating expenses and better use of your constituents’ tax dollars.


Don’t just take our word for it. See the results for yourself. Over the past 37 years, we have built strong relationships and a proven track record of sustainability. Explore a collection of case studies where our clients have made an impact with Cenergistic.