Our advanced simulation tool allows your team to calibrate facilities-based energy models around any variety of scenarios, quickly, efficiently and accurately, so you can make more informed building decisions.
Cenergistic SIMULATE

Forecast Building Energy Cost and Performance

Informed Decision-Making Based on Accurate Building Performance Simulation

Chief Operating Officers, facilities directors and maintenance staff at schools, universities, local governments and healthcare organizations are charged with making environmental building decisions that can impact operating costs and occupant comfort well into the future. Weighing factors such as utility rates, geography, climate, floor plans, occupancy trends, energy demand, thermal and visual comfort, indoor air quality and others can be extremely detailed and complex. It takes sophisticated mathematical modeling to arrive at an accurate forecast of what might happen if, say, you add another building to your portfolio. Or lease a space for weekend use once a month. Or replace the windows in an aging facility. The list goes on and on.

Spreadsheets and manual calculations are no longer required

Fortunately, we live in a digital age where performance simulation programs can now create in-depth analysis in seconds, affording planners the flexibility to explore any number of potential scenarios before committing serious resources to a project. This is where Cenergistic Simulate comes in.

Energy Modelling Based on Calibrated Historical Data

Simulate is part of Cenergistic’s Optimize Energy Performance Software, supporting operations teams with the tools necessary to reduce energy consumption and lower costs. As a cloud-based simulation tool, Simulate is accessible over any browser-enabled device and comes with a variety of pre-built algorithms covering historical weather, historical consumption of building energy usage and other factors. In addition, it allows you to input your own values relative to a planned energy upgrade, so you can accurately simulate outcomes based on your specific project profiles.

Compare modifications to base performance. Calculate the effects of potential changes over time. Drill down into the details and come up with a model that fits your energy consumption and budgetary goals using Simulate, the advanced simulation tool that takes the guesswork out of energy-based decisions.

Energy cost | Cenergistic Simulate
Measure Twice, Cut Once with Cenergistic Simulate

Simulate allows you to create an accurate baseline profile of every facility in your portfolio and run “what if” scenarios on top of it. Even the most complicated simulations can be managed on the program, using familiar mobile application gestures to create energy models based on building shape, size, occupancy patterns, when lights are on or off, temperatures, ventilation, plug loads, mechanical systems and much, much more.

Build models, save models, add variables, and re-simulate. The program’s output reporting feature allows you to create graphically impactful charts that show the difference between simulated values and real values, helping you make and present your case and measure your results to estimate the value of your energy-based decisions.

Many Uses, Many Benefits

When it comes to making complex energy-related decisions, the ability to see clearly where you’re going in advance can save you countless dollars, even before the actual savings begin. Use Simulate to:

  • Explore options ahead of spend.
  • Simulate operational changes and efficiency upgrades.
  • Value upgrades, determine budgets and make intelligent recommendations.
  • Develop use cases around existing assets.
  • Communicate proposed decisions with visual impact.
  • Secure funding based on facts.
  • Calibrate potential costs and charges in line with actual expense.