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Find savings in utility costs, at no cost to you. You save, you conserve and your students thrive in a culture of sustainability.

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The Proof is in the Numbers

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Of ENERGY STAR® Certified
K-12 Buildings are Cenergistic Clients

We’ve helped our clients achieve ENERGY STAR designation for more than 10,000 buildings. 

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By applying sustainability principles and software, our clients have saved billions – literally. 


Clients and

More than 1,400 clients use Cenergistic as a funding solution to reclaim utility costs. 

School budgets are forced to deal with less and less funding, requiring more local tax dollars to close the gap. So how can your school save? Turn to Cenergistic to find cost savings in your utility spend to add to your budget today.
Students, faculty & staff can be the cornerstone of change, but making it a reality can be a challenge. Cenergistic helps drive energy conservation efforts for a more comfortable and eco-friendly learning environment.
Cenergistic gives municipalities the opportunity to achieve real energy savings even when teams are stretched thin. With a multidimensional approach to sustainability, Cenergistic can find savings that matter.

Energy Conservation That Counts

From the start Cenergistic has
eliminated energy waste equivalent to:

Miles Driven by an
Average Passenger Vehicle
Tons of Waste
CO2 Emissions for Homes' Energy Use for One Year
Tree Seedlings Grown
for 10 Years
$ 0 B

U.S. K-12 schools and higher ed spend
14 billion every year on utility cost.

Utility Costs Keep Growing

Utility bills continue to soar as campus enrollments, electricity, water and natural gas prices increase. These costs require more budget, and that’s hard to find.

A Snapshot Into Savings

Download the Cenergistic Snapshot and Learn why 1,400+ School Districts, Universities and Municipalities Partner with Cenergistic for sustainable savings.


Meet Cenergistic

We help you save 25% or more on energy costs, before you spend it. Cenergistic gives you the power to prevent energy waste, so you can reallocate funds to pay for what your schools and cities need most.

We do this in 3 distinct ways: 


 Energy Waste

High energy costs often come from "hidden" sources. Find these anomalies faster with Cenergistic. Problematic systems are instantly identified so energy waste can be stopped in moments, not months.

Optimizing Buildings and Comfort Systems

Your buildings need to be comfortable, without overburdening your budget. We help you manage the consumption and costs of utilities to provide a welcoming, productive environment, without breaking the bank.

Creating a Culture of Sustainability

We're creating a movement in sustainability. It’s what we believe in; it’s how we think. We instill “green” behavior into the DNA of your organization to preserve our planet.

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