Improve Energy Efficiency

Cenergistic takes a comprehensive approach to not only reduce energy waste, but also measure savings, diagnose and address systemic issues, and create behavioral change to optimize usage now and in the future.
Improve Energy Efficiency

Improve energy efficiency and redirect savings into your budget.

Equipment solutions focus on energy efficiency — making sure your equipment runs on as little energy as possible. Cenergistic’s program, on the other hand, focuses on energy conservation — making sure equipment only runs when it is truly needed, and at optimum settings.  Energy Specialists are embedded onsite to provide your facilities staff with bandwidth to micro-manage the health and comfort of your buildings. We help you understand how energy is consumed and reduce waste, so you can focus on your mission.
Improve Energy Efficiency | Cenergistic

“The enduring partnership of my organization and Cenergistic has saved more than $75 million in energy costs. We’ve been able to redirect that money to where every public school wants to send it — to the classroom where the kids are.”

Dr. Edgar Hatrick, Retired Superintendent, Loudoun County Schools, VA

improve energy efficiency

Make an impact for today and tomorrow.

Improve Energy Efficiency | Cenergistic
Save On Energy Spend, Now.

Put the Cenergistic big data platform to work and analyze historical and interval meter data for HVAC, refrigeration and related systems for every facility, every day, everywhere. Find savings by identifying and eliminating waste within minutes, not months.

By understanding your facility meter-by-meter, our technology pinpoints where you can save the most. Using advanced Cenergistic software to analyze current and past utility data, we easily and accurately identify how each of your facilities is performing.

Improve Energy Efficiency | Cenergistic
Prevent Fruitless Future Expenditures.
Energy Specialists guided by professional engineers and energy conservation experts — with over 125 professional certifications and advanced degrees — take you to the next level. Informed by the predictive power of the Cenergistic GreenX software platform, facilities professionals and our pros help you determine whether infrastructure upgrades make sense. Our experts are best-in-class at reviewing your facility’s unique characteristics and understanding what is — and is not — needed for peak optimization and efficiency.
Improve Energy Efficiency | Cenergistic
Empower Facilities Staff With Real-Time Insights.
Avoiding unnecessary spending is your direct bottom line savings source. We’ll show your facilities personnel the savings opportunities so your campuses stay lean and green. An unoccupied gymnasium can cost thousands of dollars a month in air conditioning, heating, and lighting. A running toilet can add up to thousands of gallons of water wasted. By instilling a culture of sustainability in your organization, you can save dollars — dollars to spend in the strategic areas of your budget. And with comfort being a top priority, rest assured your facilities will not only operate at optimal efficiency, but comfortably as well.
improve energy efficiency

How does Cenergistic Compare?

Energy Service Companies (ESCOs)

Capital Outlay / Long-term Financing



True Total Cost


None. We deliver net savings.

Payback Period

10+ Years

A few weeks

# of Building Impacted


All Existing (and Future)

# of Utilities Impacted


All (Electric, Gas, Water)

Added Onsite Capacity

Limited and temporary
Ongoing, Energy Specialists + Engineering Consultants + Client Manager
improve energy efficiency

The Energy Pyramid

Pyramids are built from the base upward. For greatest savings and best return on investment, implement your energy management strategy in this sequence. Focusing on conservation creates a long-term foundation and eclipses the results found in the efficiency (ESCO) tier alone.

Improve Energy Efficiency | Cenergistic