Working with Cenergistic

You work with Cenergistic when you need to work within your budget without buying more equipment. But what does that actually look like? What should you expect? Here’s the step-by-step process, and the time frame when everything is expected to happen.
Working with Cenergistic

Step 1: Initial Building Audits: The First of Many

Month 1

After all the t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted, you begin getting onsite audits of your buildings from multiple Cenergistic engineering and energy experts. No matter the size of your organization, you will have multiple experts on site each month.

These experts have seen it all, having implemented our process in over 25,000 buildings similar to yours. They know the challenges schools, universities, local governments and healthcare organizations are facing right now, and they can help you avoid underlying problems.

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Working with Cenergistic

Step 2: One or More Permanent, Onsite Energy Specialists

Month 1-2

Successful energy management requires full-time focus. That’s why Cenergistic hires energy specialists from your community — people who are invested in and committed to the people you serve — to be change agents.

Cenergistic hires energy specialists who show the ability to lead from within rather than leading from the front; people who can rally others to a common cause. The changes in your school district, university, local government or healthcare organization won’t just be thermostats and light switches — these changes will influence the core of your staff’s behavior. You need leaders capable of influencing that behavior.

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Working with Cenergistic

Step 3: Meet Your Energy Specialist(s)

Month 2-3

You will meet the person who is on the front lines in your buildings. You might not see much of them during the work day — they work behind the scenes and after hours. Their goal is to improve the education and work environment, so they do everything they can to not interrupt daily activities. Generally speaking, if your students and staff don’t notice a difference, then we’re doing our job.

Energy companies | Cenergistic
Working with Cenergistic

Step 4: Powerful Technology

Month 3-4

You will also work with Cenergistic to load several years of historical utility bill information and data from your energy management system for each building into Cenergistic’s proprietary software. This technology is built to analyze and pinpoint energy savings opportunities in real time.

This technology will inform and complement the hundreds of physical audits performed by the energy specialist. Then you receive regular reports about energy consumption based on technology…and your energy bills.

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Working with Cenergistic

Step 5: Regular, Intuitive Reports

Month 4+

You will designate an executive sponsor, so you are never disconnected from the day-to-day work of energy savings. Now that the foundation is set, and your energy specialist is fully engaged, you’re going to get regular monthly reports about energy usage and trends in comparison to the base year…as well as how much you’re saving.

At the beginning, your energy specialist will be immersed in training. As they learn more, they do more. The first several months of your work with Cenergistic are exciting and full of changes.

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Working with cenergistic

Cenergistic is your best partner, with the lowest risk.

Is Cenergistic the Best Way to Help My Community?

You have one goal: To help the students and community members who are depending on you. That means you don’t have a penny to waste. Cenergistic has one goal: To help you recapture the funds you are already spending to reinvest in supporting your community. We can do that through energy savings, and we’ve refined the process over three decades.

Here’s why it works:

  • Cloud-based, real-time results
  • Machine learning
  • Advanced simulations
  • Local onsite boots on the ground
  • 40+ visiting/remote energy experts with advanced degrees

Do you want to make lasting, enduring change like 1,500 school districts, colleges and universities, local government and healthcare organizations (and counting) have done? We have a track record unmatched by any other provider, with now $6.7+ billion saved for educators and local governments to reinvest. You can save significant dollars this year. It’s not just about the energy — it’s about the 28+ million students and community members who have benefited.

You have the opportunity to demonstrate financial and environmental stewardship for the community you serve.