Energy Conservation Techniques and Best Practices

What goes into sustainable facility operations and managing energy use? A lot more than you think. Our white papers are full of energy conservation techniques and research to help you learn how to fully optimize energy savings across your facilities.

The Energy Pyramid: How Organizations Most Effectively Consume Energy

The organizations that adopt lean and efficient operational practices, equipment and demand schedules can best realize the benefits of renewables in budgets and the environment.

DIY Versus Cenergistic: Why the Cheapest (DIY) Option Pales in Comparison

While an in-house energy management program may seem like the cheapest, short-term option, creating a do-it-yourself (DIY) energy management program can have significant drawbacks and hidden expenses for already strained M&O budgets

How K-12 Schools & Higher Education Can Prepare, Recover & Reopen After Black Swan Weather Events

Unlike the typical storm, black swan weather events are deadly, can happen at any time, and require careful preparedness and recovery processes.

How Machine Learning Technology Increases Energy Efficiency for K-12 Schools

Energy conservation and efficiency form the focal point of savings possible through the introduction of IoT-based technology and advanced forecasting capabilities in machine learning within the classroom setting to enhance learning and improve budgeting and investment decisions.

Weathering the Storm: How to Develop Emergency Preparedness Plans + Safely Bring Students Back to Weather Stricken Areas

Since we know catastrophic weather events pose a high risk for K-12 schools, Facilities Managers need to understand the role of school weather disaster recovery and how to reduce the adverse impact of these events as their severity grows worse in light of climate change.