An advanced energy accounting software tool that allows your team to visualize and validate your energy program’s performance without any specialized training or certifications.

Cenergistic Measure®
Measure Building Energy Cost and Consumption Performance
Informed Building Operations using Accurate Utility Data in a Transparent / Easy to Use Software Tool.
Chief Financial and Operating Officers at schools, universities and local governments are charged with being fiscally responsible with their utility purchases. Weighing factors such as long-term contracts, utility rates and energy demand can be extremely detailed and complex. In the past, understanding utility billing and utility purchases required hiring a consultant that was skilled in utility analysis. These consultants were trained in the use of complex software packages and had to maintain certifications in utility analysis.
Spreadsheets with manual calculations that can only be done by experts are no longer required. 
Fortunately, we live in a digital age where complex utility data can be analyzed with easy-to-use software interfaces that don’t require a manual to operate or specialized training to understand. This is where Cenergistic Measure® comes in. Offered only by Cenergistic, Cenergistic Measure® is an advanced energy accounting software tool that allows your team to account for your energy program’s performance without specialized training or certifications. Data is entered, presented, and benchmarked through a simple to use user interface that is both easy to use and transparent.
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