Increase Budget Flexibility

The ability to positively motivate facilities, staff and engineers, educators and administrators for success has led more than 1,500 clients to hire Cenergistic for the expertise and focus needed to experience an additional 20 – 40% reduction in energy use and cost.
Increase Budget Flexibility

Become the hero of your sustainability success story.

We help you recover budgeted funds and redirect those dollars so you can:
  • Do things you never thought possible
  • Invest in education and learning programs
  • Improve comfort of the learning environment
  • Fund safety and security programs
  • Implement student programs
  • Tackle deferred maintenance projects
  • Provide staff bonuses
  • Purchase new technology for the classroom
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“Everything that they said they were going to do, they did. They saved us money; they provided the support. … If my budget is $10 million, I’m going to spend $10 million and give it to the utility company — but if I can take $2 million of the $10 million and put it in classrooms for kids: that’s a no-brainer.”

Jake Jacobs, Retired Chief Operating Officer, Johnston County Schools, NC


Proven Energy Management to Create Savings.

Energy consumption | Cenergistic
Designed to be budget-neutral.

Every dollar needed to fund Cenergistic’s energy management program is paid out of your current utility budget. No new funds are required. You don’t need to purchase any equipment or budget any new dollars to achieve these savings. No capital outlay is required.

Energy consumption | Cenergistic
Unparalleled Value
In addition, Cenergistic’s program generates greater net savings than rate management or equipment upgrades.
Energy consumption | Cenergistic
The Smart Decision
Implementing a serious and sustainable conservation program requires commitment and the investment of resources. But the benefit of that investment is an even greater level of net savings which can be directed towards more important priorities. In the end, hiring Cenergistic is not a spending decision. It is a savings decision.