Higher Education

Managing facilities and housing students across multiple campuses with limited state funding can be difficult.  We help you identify, rectify and resolve energy waste faster so you waste less, save more and spend smarter.

Higher Education

Your Partner for Energy Savings

Higher Education | Cenergistic
Go Green and Conserve.
Environmentally-minded students, faculty and staff can become the cornerstone of change, but making it a reality in practice alone can be a challenge. That’s where Cenergistic helps drive energy and cost savings by uncovering wasted natural resources to return dollars — otherwise spent on utilities — to the budget, for a more comfortable and more eco-friendly learning environment.
Higher Education | Cenergistic
Lead your Campus.

Hidden sources of waste are the number one cause of high utility bills. Reduce energy waste by empowering your staff and students with intelligent, analytic-enabled tools to achieve real savings from Cenergistic’s multi-dimensional approach to sustainability.


360º Management of Your Energy Ecosystem

Boiler Room
Boiler specialists keep your boilers operating at peak efficiency, provide professional training and development for your team.

Utility Distribution
Cenergistic Optimize® software provides visibility into each building’s consumption in your utility distribution network.

Chilled Water System
Engineering and technical experts focus on extending equipment life through system optimization.

Irrigation Control
Irrigation and turf management experts add capacity for your team.

Optimize research areas while maintaining building design standards.

Food Service
Work with food service partner to optimize operation and use of kitchen equipment.

Active monitoring of airflow, building pressure, humidity, temperature and CO2 levels means more comfortable classrooms that save you energy.

A more comfortable study environment that protects your learning assets.

Administrative Areas
Active monitoring of airflow, building pressure, humidity and temperature levels reduces comfort issues. 

Higher Education

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The Cenergistic Advantages

Over 800 Years of Expertise

Our Energy Specialists, engineers and analysts complement your operations team with 800 years of field-tested expertise to optimize conservation and performance of all of your systems and facilities.

Patented Energy Savings Technology

Leverage our patented software platform to normalize historical and daily meter data. Discern anomalies compared to performance benchmarks for every facility. Resolve energy waste and remove costs in an instant.

Join our Movement in Sustainability

Our mission is to create a culture of sustainability within your organization. It’s what we believe in — it’s how we think. We instill “green” behavior into the DNA of your administration and staff to preserve our planet.