Developed for leaders, Cenergistic Executive delivers real-time dashboards about your energy savings anytime, anywhere, system wide.

Cenergistic EXECUTIVE
Leadership’s Window to Sustainable Energy Savings
Energy and Sustainability Dashboard

School districts, colleges and universities, local government and healthcare organizations are entrusted to make the best use of taxpayer funds and other resources provided. Available as a mobile app for iOS and Android operating systems, Cenergistic Executive provides leaders with a window to view sustainable energy savings across the entire facilities portfolio, with one-touch access to current energy and sustainability data for every facility monitored.

Energy Performance in the Palm of Your Hand

The challenge to stay one step ahead is ever-present — Cenergistic can help. Cenergistic Executive’s simple-to-use, interactive dashboard delivers one touch access to utility use by building or building type, cost avoidance by utility, environmental contributions and your energy team. Cenergistic Executive mobile dashboard benefits include:

  1. Easy to use five-swipe application
  2. Ability to quickly benchmark facilities
  3. Healthy building compliance ratings
  4. Understand environmental contribution
  5. Connect with energy program team 
Energy savings - Energy companies  | Cenergistic Executive
Energy savings  | Cenergistic Executive
Concise, Clear Information

Cenergistic Executive’s real-time data provides concise, clear reports using familiar mobile application gestures. Details include summaries of overall energy performance, savings and progress by:

  • Program Performance: Total cost avoidance, energy use reduction by SQFT, total energy audits and number of ENERGY STAR® Certified buildings.
  • Savings by Commodity: Not all utilities are alike. View electric, water and natural gas savings by dollar amount and percent.
  • Environmental Impact: See your contributions to the planet. View calculated environmental impact (or CO2 emission reduction) equivalent to reduced energy use.
  • Individual Building Data: Select detailed information per building and sort by utility cost, cost avoidance, Energy Unit Intensity (EUI) or alphabetically. Allows for benchmarking by facility type.
  • Energy Alerts: View the number of events that your Energy Specialist is actively reporting, escalating and resolving for your program.
  • Audits Dashboard: Gain insight into audits completed in your facilities
  • Building Health: Compliance ratings give busy executives insight into the operational state of their buildings.