Client Achievements

Cenergistic recognizes our clients each year from the categories below. Each award-winning client has shown great strides towards a more sustainable future and we could not be happier to acknowledge their hard work and transformation.



Cenergistic recognizes our client program successes. Each recognition-achieving client has shown great strides toward a more sustainable future, and we encourage the community to acknowledge their hard work and transformation. Recognitions include:

Energy Stewardship
Celebrating organizations with superior energy consumption reduction and significant percentage savings

Environmental Excellence
Recognizing environmentally-focused organizations with a positive impact on natural resources through reducing energy use

Energy Excellence
Celebrating excellent financial savings and active support from leadership, staff, and students

Chairman’s Sustainability
Recognizing long-term energy programs, financial benefits and serving as a role model to other organizations while acknowledging the support and cooperation of administration, faculty, staff, and students

Best-In-Class Award —Energy Consumption, Environmental Impact & Financial Saving
Celebrating the benefits of the organization’s long-term energy program from inception —

  • Low energy use index rating
  • Impactful environmental conservation
  • Above-average savings
  • Superior level of support and cooperation from the board, administration, building staff, and students

*All recognitions and awards include a press release, plaque, and banner representing one or all of several achievements — cost savings, energy savings, or energy reduction impact on the environment. Recognitions are personally presented during a leadership meeting, public forum, or similar event.

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