Our Solutions

Discover how Cenergistic can be a catalyst for change. We partner with you to reduce energy consumption and act as an extension to your team.


Optimized Energy Performance

Our Program

Through our energy conservation program, we create a culture of sustainability, improve comfort, optimize systems and prevent energy waste — recovering utility funds to pay for the projects you need most.

Partnership For Success

Our multidimensional approach to sustainability begins with people. We create a partnership that combines Cenergistic’s energy professionals and cloud-based applications with your team’s unique knowledge of facilities, equipment and schedules to eliminate waste and maximize energy savings.

Onsite Experts

Cenergistic’s Energy Specialists work full-time alongside your facilities staff, providing support to optimize the health and comfort of your buildings. Specialists, along with Cenergistic Engineers, help you understand how energy is consumed and how to eliminate waste, so you can focus on what matters most.

Sustainable Savings

We instill green behavior into the DNA of your organization to deliver sustainable savings and preserve our planet. The conservation strategies we teach extend beyond facilities and into the homes of those we serve, creating a lasting impact for generations to come.

Energy Solutions | Cenergistic

The program works. It becomes an extension of your district to the point that you are able to obtain what you initially set out for. And that’s savings you can use wherever you need to use them, not just in energy.

Scott Martin, Deputy Superintendent for Operations, Indianapolis Public Schools 


Why Do We Focus On Conservation?

Conserving energy is the foundation of the energy pyramid. When you properly manage energy consumption, you make better decisions for efficiency, equipment, procurement and renewables.

How Do We Do It?

Here’s the thing — it’s complex. But by keeping the end goal in mind, we make the solution completely straightforward:

  • We embed one or more Cenergistic Energy Specialists in your organization for continuity.
  • We send in a rotating team of engineers and experts who work with your staff members.
  • We apply our proprietary technology and hundreds of years of combined experience to review and analyze everything in your organization that uses energy — systems and people.
  • We build optimization strategies to help your systems work as efficiently and effectively as possible.
  • We address your comfort issues, freeing up your staff for proactive work, preventative maintenance and repairs to ensure energy is being used wisely — as much as needed — without waste.
Energy Solutions | Cenergistic

OSU’s behavior-based energy management program is nationally recognized and has been a model for our state. Our success is the result of everyone, our employees and our students making a commitment to take steps each and every day to help us reduce energy costs and it has paid off big time.

Burns Hargis, Retired President, Oklahoma State University, OK