Cenergistic Sustainability as a Service

Energy Experts + Cloud-Based Machine Learning Technology

The World's First Multidimensional Approach To Sustainability

Cloud-Based Machine Learning

Embedded Energy Experts

Multi-Resource Management

Optimize Facilities and Accelerate Savings

The Cenergistic Ceres™ platform provides big-data, analytics and machine learning (ML) techniques to embolden your facilities team to accelerate change and maximize savings. Transform how you allocate operating dollars with built-in predictive modeling. 

Improve Comfort for Increased Productivity

Achieve peak performance without sacrificing comfort with Cenergistic’s Sustainability as a Service Solutions. Leverage the Ceres big-data and machine learning platform to keep your classrooms at the perfect temperature for a productive learning environment. 

Create a Culture of Sustainability

We’re creating a movement in sustainability. It’s what we believe in; it’s how we think. We instill “green” behavior into the DNA of your organization to preserve our planet. The conservation strategies we provide extend beyond your facilities into the homes and lives of the students and staff you serve to create a lasting impact for many generations to come.  

Ready to Tell Your School Board About Energy Savings?

Montgomery – AL

When the City of Montgomery, Alabama administrators wanted to lower utility expenses, improve building comfort and support environmental stewardship, they sought a proven expert with a history of solving complex energy conservation equations.

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