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Over 36 Years of Energy Conservation

Dr. William S. Spears, founder of the energy conservation company Cenergistic served on the Wichita Falls, Texas school board and solved the district’s budgetary shortfall by inventing the nation’s first utility savings program. In just one year, the district was able to absorb a 67% increase in air conditioning load and still see a year-over-year decrease to its electricity expense. That was the first step in our journey to help our clients create a positive impact in sustainability.


Energy Education is founded to offer management consulting services to public school districts specializing in conservation of energy usage.


The energy conservation company expands, refines energy conservation program – saves $6.7M in energy savings.


Over 300 districts in 39 states save $478M on utilities. Energy Education launches its savings share program with no-upfront costs or risk to go green.


Energy Education reaches $1.1B in utility savings through energy conservation and sustainability solutions.


Over 1,100 districts in 48 states save $2.5B on utilities. Cenergistic launches its savings share program with no-upfront costs or risk to go green.


Energy Education rebrands to Cenergistic to more effectively communicate its services and client markets.


Kleiner Perkins Green Growth invests in Cenergistic.


Cenergistic achieves cumulative savings of $5B for the school districts, colleges and universities, local government and healthcare organizations it serves.


Save the world $10B in utility costs. Lead the way to achieve sustainability at scale for a cleaner, greener earth.