Optimize with Existing Equipment

Our energy conservation services don’t rely on changing out old equipment for newer, more efficient replacements. Instead, we find ways to optimize existing equipment so it runs at maximum efficiency — saving you money on both utility costs and equipment upgrades.
optimize with existing equipment

Create a Culture of Sustainability.

We’re creating a movement in sustainability. It’s what we believe in; it’s how we think. We instill “green” behavior into the DNA of your organization to preserve our planet. The energy conservation services we provide extend beyond facilities and into the homes of those we serve, creating a lasting impact for generations to come.  

Decades of experience have taught us not only what needs to be changed in your environment, but how to encourage support for your conservation program so you can produce and sustain the greatest level of savings possible.

Energy equipment and solutions | Cenergistic

Equipment Solutions and Cenergistic Solution

Performance-Based Mechanical Solutions
Behavior-Based Cenergistic Solution

Requires equipment replacement

No equipment changes required

Most effective on older equipment

Effective on all equipment

Focus on short-term replacement of specific equipment

Focus on long-term culture and organizational behavior change and sustainability

Large up-front cost

No up-front cost

Savings typically stipulated in advance — potential for inaccuracy due to faulty assumptions is high

Actual savings are measured straight from bills — accuracy is very high

Savings goes to pay for the equipment, no impact on general fund
Net savings realized in 90 days or less in most cases, directly benefiting the client
Savings measurement isn’t transparent to the customer
Savings is visual and intuitive, validated directly by the client

The more the new equipment runs, the greater the claimed savings

The less the equipment runs, the greater the actual savings

Savings degrades over time
Savings increases over time

EFFICIENCY: lowering cost to operate equipment

CONSERVATION: using equipment only as needed

Limited training and interaction with client staff

Widespread training and interaction with client staff



What do Opti-Commissioning® services mean for your organization?

Our Opti-Commissioning® services focus on client consultation and education to optimize system settings and schedules throughout the year, based on seasonal or opportunistic conditions. Our Opti-Commissioning® services encompass three unique approaches for reducing energy consumption — equipment calibration, facilities monitoring and behavioral change — to reach peak client savings.”

Energy equipment and solutions | Cenergistic
Cenergistic reviews operational practices year-round to make sure opportunities for energy savings are maximized. This helps ensure equipment is optimized to run at peak efficiency.
Energy equipment and solutions | Cenergistic
Embedding Energy Specialists onsite promotes coordination between operations staff and the energy program’s plan of action. Combining periodic site audits with the added assistance of our patented Cenergistic Optimize® energy management software platform, Cenergistic’s Energy Specialists and visiting engineers and experts monitor facilities in real time and address problems as they arise.
Energy equipment and solutions | Cenergistic

Changes to energy-using behaviors across an organization teach employees and patrons alike the skills necessary to live sustainably over the long term. Behavioral changes complement our Opti-Commissioning® services through further lowering of energy consumption, optimizing thermostat programming, lighting control and scheduling heating, ventilation or air conditioning use to closely fit building use patterns.