Available as a mobile app and on your PC, Cenergistic GreenX helps your Energy Specialist track your utility, meter, interval meter and EMS data to help manage your buildings.

Cenergistic GreenX

Building and Facility Optimization for Sustainable Savings

A Greener, More Efficient Energy Footprint

School districts, colleges and universities, local government and healthcare organizations are entrusted to make the best use of taxpayer funds and other resources provided. However, when energy costs rise due to any combination of weather events, commodity price fluctuations, extended use programs, changes in occupancy rates, facility misuse, malfunctions or expanded square footage, budgets strain and stakeholders take notice. The challenge to stay one step ahead is ever-present, and Cenergistic can help. Our ground-breaking Cenergistic GreenX application, offering building- and meter-level alerts with monthly and interval data analytics related to energy performance, provides your Energy Specialist and building facilities’ staff the insights and notifications they need to avoid unnecessary costs, reduce consumption and extend asset life.

Energy Performance in the Palm of Your Hand

Cenergistic GreenX is the core component of our software platform. It serves as the focal point for energy savings across your entire facilities portfolio. Accessible over any browser-enabled device and available as a mobile app in both iOS and Android operating systems, it clearly and graphically displays the current running condition of your total enterprise, offering details down to individual submeter levels, for every property monitored.

Combining building and equipment data with historical energy use and weather data, Cenergistic GreenX provides a handy view of your energy usage, system-wide. With it, you can more effectively manage your facilities portfolio for maximum sustainability and ongoing energy efficiency.

Efficient Energy | Cenergistic GreenX
Efficient Energy | Cenergistic GreenX

Cenergistic GreenX Delivers System-Wide Visibility

Cenergistic GreenX is surprisingly easy to use. Its intuitive interface delivers intelligent notifications alerting you of anomalies in your buildings’ consumption profile. View operational reports and manage alerts using familiar mobile application gestures.

  • Building Snapshot: Get a 360º view of your energy management program from the palm of your hand with our easy-to-read executive dashboard. Red and green indicators let you know if your buildings are performing to satisfaction.
  • Monthly Consumption Alerts: Receive notifications indicating individual meters have increased consumption month-over-month based on historical usage.
  • Interval Data Alerts: Know when your buildings start too early or take too long to shut down with alerts connected to and triggered by smart meters.
  • Increase Accountability: Alerts have a workflow tied to them; know exactly what stage your alert is in with in-depth reporting for proactive facility management.