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How We Help You Discover Energy Savings Opportunities

Business Intelligence

Informed Decision-Making

Actionable Insights


The business intelligence you're looking for with the energy operations visibility you need.

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Create "what if" scenarios to model changes to your buildings and equipment.

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Forecast equipment life cycle, plan for system upgrades and execute on your budget with precision.

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Data-driven actionable insights to your facilities energy use, in the hands of energy specialist.

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Cenergistic GreenX Executive

Your New Best Friend in Energy Operations Visibility

Cenergistic GreenX Executive™ mobile app puts business intelligence on energy performance in the palm of your hand. Developed for leaders, GreenX Executive delivers real-time data about your energy savings anytime, anywhere, systemwide. 

It provides leaders with a window to view sustainable energy savings across the entire facilities portfolio.

Check your energy spend at anytime by building and by commodity. 

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Cenergistic Executive layout
Energy Management - Cenergistic Simulate
Cenergistic Simulate

Forecast Building Energy Costs and Performance

Simulate is an advanced simulation tool that allows your team to calibrate facilities-based energy models around any variety of scenarios, quickly, efficiently and accurately, so you can make more informed building decisions.

Leverage pre-built algorithms covering weather and historical consumption of building energy usage. Input your own values relative to a planned energy upgrade, so you can accurately simulate outcomes based on your specific project profiles.

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Cenergistic Predict

Diagnose and Report on the Health of Every Energy System in Your Portfolio

As a core component of our Cenergistic offering, Predict gives you a 360 view of your distributed, energy-related assets.

Simple-to-use, easy-to-read and fully interactive,  Predict keeps your facilities energy specialists one step ahead of the game.

This cloud-based system combines accurate fault diagnostics with operational analytics by gathering data from a variety of sources including:

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Cenergistic GreenX

Manage Conservation and Comfort from the Palm of Your Hand

Available as a mobile app and on your PC, GreenX tracks all your utility, meter, interval meter and EMS data. Over time, with machine learning, GreenX understands how your buildings should operate day-over-day, month-over-month, and year-over-year.

GreenX detects anomalies in the usage profile and alerts our on-site Energy Specialists and your facilities staff of potential issues in real-time. 

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Cenergistic GreenX
Cloud-based technology

Sustainability in the
Cloud with Cenergistic.

Whether your goal is to improve energy use for a single building or multiple campuses, the Cenergistic platforms provide a single source of the truth for facility optimization.

On Your Desktop or Phone.
For Endless Possibilities.

Our platform applies advanced analytics to mine rich meta information which your team sees as real-time reports, dashboards and alerts. It’s the power to know, save and act.