DIY Vs. Cenergistic White Paper

December 23, 2019
Why the Cheapest Energy Conservation Program Option (DIY) Pales in Comparison.

Challenges of an In-House, DIY Energy Management Program

The role of the public education Facility Manager is increasing in scope. Combine this with a $38B deficit in annual funding for schools across the country, and the ability to ensure all school needs are met within the facility management budget becomes one of the most challenging tasks in public education.

As The American School & University explains, organizations that consider the real financial and physical impact of a DIY energy conservation program will see why a proven, experienced solution provider, such as Cenergistic®, offers better ways to save money and resources.

This white paper takes an in-depth look at the burden placed on schools implementing their own energy conservation and/or management programs, including:

  • The challenges associated with developing an in-house program;
  • How Cenergistic® focuses on real-world benefits for short-term + long-term time frames;
  • The financial benefits of a Cenergistic® partnership compared to DIY energy management.

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