Rural Cherokee County Schools (AL) Cuts Energy Use 54% Through Energy Program

Despite its rural setting and significant square mileage, Cherokee County Schools has received the highest level of service from Cenergistic. The comprehensive approach Cenergistic employs is tailored to the unique challenges facing the district, with the goal of helping the organization find ways to minimize energy consumption while protecting students and employees. This program has helped the district cut energy use by 54 percent and greatly reduce its carbon footprint.

Download the Full Case Study:

$2.7 million utility savings

54% decrease in energy use

CCS Partnered with Cenergistic in 2015 to Accomplish Three Primary Goals:

1. Reclaim dollars otherwise spent on utilities through an energy conservation program.

2. Optimize facility equipment systems to minimize energy consumption while ensuring comfort and service for students and staff.

3. Strengthen environmental stewardship by creating a culture of sustainability among administrators, students, teachers and staff.