Who Benefits?

School Districts

Students, administrative staff and school board members all have a part to play in funding, maintaining and managing school facilities. Learn how leveraging powerful technology and seasoned energy experts will help provide resources for better student outcomes.


Start Now. Save Now.

Rely on Cenergistic for energy conservation and sustainable energy solutions.

In school districts, energy spend is the only item that doesn’t require purchase order authority. Therefore, it’s important that energy consumption is taken seriously. School districts save money and energy with Cenergistic. As good stewards of taxpayer dollars, retaining funds in your budget allows you to move money to learning. Turn to Cenergistic to find cost savings in your utility spend to add to your budget today.

Save On Energy Spend, Now.

Put the Cenergistic big data platform to work and analyze historical and interval meter data for HVAC, refrigeration and related systems for every facility, every day, everywhere. Generate savings by reducing waste within minutes, not months. By understanding your facility consumption meter by meter, our systems pinpoint where you can save the most.

Using advanced Cenergistic software and technology to analyze current and past utility data, we easily and accurately identify how each of your facilities is performing.

School Districts | Cenergistic


360º Management of Your Energy Ecosystem

Irrigation Control
Irrigation and turf management experts enhance your team.

Active monitoring of airflow, building pressure, humidity, temperature and CO2 levels means more comfortable classrooms that save you energy.

Administrative Area
Active monitoring of airflow, building pressure, humidity and temperature levels reduces comfort issues. 

A more comfortable learning environment that protects your learning assets.

Kitchen and Cafeteria
Optimized kitchen equipment staging and utilization through technology and process innovation.

Electrical Service Room
Predictive software and technical resources that learn what is normal and proactively alert you when something is amiss.

Chilled Water System
Engineering and technical resources focus on extending equipment life through system optimization.

Boiler Room
Boiler specialists keep your boilers operating at peak efficiency, provide professional training and development for your team.

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Ten years ago, Noble Public Schools partnered with @Cenergistic #EnergyEducation 🍎 to develop an #EnergyConservation program to help the district save 💰. In ten years, we have saved approximately $2,218,663!!! Thank you to all NPS employees for your support!!!

Dr. Jon Myers @jmyersnps


Optimal Efficiency and Comfort.

Prevent Fruitless Future Expenditures.

Energy Specialists guided by professional engineers and energy conservation experts — with over 90 professional licences, certifications and advanced degrees — take you to the next level. Informed by the predictive power of the Cenergistic GreenX software platform, facilities professionals and our pros help you determine whether or not energy improvements requiring capital expenditures, like new equipment or energy efficient windows, will truly pay off.

Our experts are professionals at reviewing your facility’s unique characteristics and understanding what is — and is not — needed for peak optimization and efficiency. Let our Cenergistic Energy Specialists and team of engineers and analysts deploy hundreds of years of combined expertise to help you make the most cost effective decisions within your budgets to improve your district’s energy conservation.

Empower Facilities Staff With Real-Time Insights.

Stopping unnecessary spending due to energy waste is your direct bottom line savings source. We’ll tell your facilities personnel where savings opportunities lie and what to do about them so your campuses stay lean and green. An unoccupied gymnasium can cost thousands of dollars a month in air, heat and lighting. A running toilet can cost your district excess dollars every minute. Human behavior and habits can waste money in your energy and utility spend.

By instilling a culture of sustainability in your district’s faculty members and students, you can save dollars — dollars to spend in areas your district needs the most. And, with comfort being a top priority, rest assured your facilities will not only operate at optimal efficiency, but at optimal comfort as well.

School Districts | Cenergistic

North Little Rock School District


The Cenergistic Advantages

Over 800 Years of Expertise

Our Energy Specialists, engineers and analysts complement your operations team with 800 years of field-tested expertise to optimize conservation and performance of all of your systems and facilities.

Patented Energy Savings Technology

Leverage our patented software platform to normalize historical and daily meter data. Discern anomalies compared to performance benchmarks for every facility. Resolve energy waste and remove related costs in an instant.

Join our Movement in Sustainability

Our mission is to create a culture of sustainability within your organization. It’s what we believe in — it’s how we think. We instill “green” behavior into the DNA of your administration and staff to preserve our planet.