It worked because we did need to reduce not only the footprint environmentally but also the cost of maintaining our spaces at a comfortable temperature.
It’s has truly been a great partnership between Cenergistic® and our school district operations folks.

– Dr. Michael A. Grego, Superintendent of Pinellas County Schools


Energy Use Reduced: 26%

Program Start Year: 2015

Students: 102,000

Pinellas County Schools (PCS) partnered with Cenergistic® to implement a district-wide sustainability program to eliminate energy waste, lower utility bills and give funding back to the students and teachers it serves.
With Cenergistic®, PCS was able to supplement its facilities staff with four full-time Energy Specialists powered by Cenergistic GreenX® software application. Using Cenergistic GreenX® the Energy Specialists and facilities staff gain access to real-time energy analytics and alerts on negatively performing utility meters. Cenergistic GreenX® allows the Energy Specialists to quickly identify opportunities to eliminate energy waste, predict and resolve maintenance issues and optimize all systems and equipment throughout the district. The PCS team also receives remote and onsite support from Cenergistic’s Center of Excellence (COE) including engineers specializing in HVAC, irrigation, humidity management and more.

  1. Pinellas County Schools Earns 92 ENERGY STAR® Building Certifications, Second Consecutive Partner of the Year Award
  2. Pinellas County Schools Earns Prestigious ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year Award
  3. Pinellas County Schools Highest Ranked ENERGYSTAR® District in State of Florida for Year 2018
  4. Pinellas County Schools Receives Cenergistic Environmental Excellence Award

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