William Floyd School District Maximizes Savings Running Energy Conservation Program Alongside ESCO Projects

William Floyd School District (WFSD) achieved cumulative cost savings of $2.9M — representing a 36 percent reduction in utility costs — by implementing Cenergistic’s Sustainability Solution in January 2016. The energy program successfully runs alongside various Energy Service Company (ESCO) projects, including replacement of equipment and retrofits. Cenergistic Energy Specialists work alongside WFSD’s Facilities Team, ensuring all systems are optimized. WFSD us also linked directly to the area electricity grid, running a cogeneration plant and producing its own energy.

WFSD district didn’t have to choose between conservation or the ESCO projects — they partnered with Cenergistic® AND completed efficiency projects.

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36% decrease in energy use

$2.9 Million in cost savings

“It’s not uncommon in the private sector for large companies, but for the public sector, for public schools, it is a progressive step forward [having a cogeneration plant]. It enables us to generate our own power even when there are losses of power in the community. 

“District officials met with various energy-saving companies, but when Cenergistic heard we had a cogeneration plant, they realized they were dealing with an organization that had their act in order and is not afraid of looking into any opportunities to save money.” 

Dr. Paul Casciano, Former Superintendent and 41-year educator William Floyd School District