Sevier County School System’s Energy Conservation Program Benefits Students, Taxpayers and the Environment

When Sevier County School System’s (SCSS) administrators wanted to lower utility expenses, improve building comfort and support environmental stewardship, they chose Cenergistic, a nationwide energy conservation company with a 34-year history of success. The comprehensive energy conservation partnership has achieved a net cost savings totaling $2.1 million since the program began in 2015.

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Net Savings: $2.1M

19 ENERGY STAR Certifications

The energy conservation program goes beyond saving energy, offering real-world benefits to enhance the learning environment. Classrooms that are too hot or too cold make it more difficult for students to focus. By optimizing temperature, humidity and lighting systems during classroom hours, the program provides students with a comfortable learning environment. 

To find the bulk of savings, the Cenergistic Energy Specialist audits facilities at different times of day and night throughout the year to confirm energysaving practices are in place. With the real-time analytics of the Cenergistic GreenX® software, the Energy Specialist can identify and correct inefficiencies that need immediate attention.