Riverside Unified School District Saves $17.8M Net Through Energy Partnership with Cenergistic

As a nationwide energy conservation company, Cenergistic built its success through developing and encouraging energy-saving behavioral practices while optimizing systems and schedules. Energy Specialists are trained to identify and solve issues that waste energy. This boots-on-the-ground approach has saved the Riverside Unified School District (RUSD) $17.8 million net since 2009.

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$17.8M in utility costs avoided

Square footage: 3.3M

Cenergistic regularly discovers, diagnoses and helps resolve challenges that existed before the partnership began. An example in Riverside dealt with the district’s energy management systems (EMS). 

Some of the feedback cables and proof points on RUSD’s EMS had been damaged during a switch to automation. These damaged wires prevented vital information about districtwide energy use from being relayed to the EMS. The missing feedback data was not immediately evident, so facility employees had no way of knowing about excessive energy use.