$28.6M Redirected to Student Programs, Teachers in Pinellas County Schools

In 2015, Pinellas County Schools (PCS) Superintendent Dr. Grego and Associate Superintendent Clint Herbic discovered their energy costs were considerably higher than other school districts in the state of Florida.

PCS chose Cenergistic, because Cenergistic wasn’t just focused on an energy bill — Cenergistic was focused on helping PCS help students. District leadership knew that Cenergistic had the right vision, and would be a constant partner in driving toward that goal, year after year.

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Annual Savings: $5.45M

Students: 102,000

“When I first became Superintendent of Pinellas County, we examined every aspect of the budget and we saw our energy costs were considerably higher than other districts in the state of Florida.

The partnership works because not only do we need to reduce the footprint environmentally but also the cost of maintaining our spaces at a comfortable temperature. It has truly been a great partnership between Cenergistic and our school district.”

– Dr. Michael A. Grego, Pinellas County Schools Superintendent