Eight North Carolina School Districts Save $54M in Partnership with Cenergistic

Cenergistic serves many North Carolina school districts. This case study will focus on results from eight specific districts:

  1. Onslow County Schools System (49 months)
  2. High Point University (35 months)
  3. Campbell University (38 months)
  4. Pitt County Schools (68 months)
  5. Johnston County Schools (50 months)
  6. Rockingham County Schools (70 months)
  7. Burke County Public Schools (126 months)
  8. Sampson County Public Schools (78 months)

Download the Full Case Study:

Average Energy Use Decrease: 23%

Average Savings: $7.2M

Students: 120,000

“The Cenergistic arrangement continues to save us money that we sorely need. I really appreciate the continued focus of our facilities staff on maximizing the contract so we can continue to get the savings we need for our aging facilities.”

– Caroline Doherty, Pitt County Schools Board Member