City of Montgomery, Alabama, Exceeds $1.9 M Net Utility Energy Savings, Funding Roads, Public Safety and Essential Services

Montgomery, Alabama, partnered with Cenergistic in 2016 to implement a sustainability program. Within four years of its inception, the program achieved $1.9 million in net utility savings, representing a 19 percent reduction in utility bills. This level of energy efficiency has elevated the City of Montgomery into a regional leader in sustainability.

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19% decrease on utility bills

31% decrease in energy use

Municipal Challenge 

With analysis showing 75 of the City’s 390 buildings accounting for half of the city’s $6 million in total utility expenses, Montgomery leadership realized inflated energy consumption created a source of budget strain. They needed a strategic energy conservation approach to fund critical programs but lacked the bandwidth to execute. 

To address this, the City of Montgomery turned to Cenergistic. Working with Cenergistic Engineers and Experts, the Cenergistic Energy Specialist laid out a comprehensive energy management plan, paying special attention to these 75 overconsuming buildings and eventually brought them to more sustainable levels of consumption.