Manasquan School District Reduces Energy Spending by 28 Percent Thanks to Partnership with Cenergistic®

Cenergistic’s expertise extends beyond energy conservation tactics and equipment optimization. The customized, comprehensive approach of Cenergistic® helped resolve longstanding equipment and humidity issues for Manasquan School District. The success of the program helped the district avoid 28 percent of its expected utility costs since 2015.

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28% dollar savings

22% decrease in energy use

Manasquan School District’s Energy Challenge: 

The older equipment MSD used for its building automation systems (BAS) had no central controls, requiring manual operation which prevented facility personnel from accessing controls remotely. This forced district personnel to run systems at full power overnight, representing non-value added energy consumption for hours on end. Additionally, the district’s coastal setting — only a mile from the beach — posed problems in relation to moisture management and indoor air quality.