Barrington 220 Community Unit School District (IL) Weathers Heavy Snowfall, Reduces Energy Use 30 Percent

Since partnering with Cenergistic, a nationwide energy conservation company, Barrington 220 Community Unit School District has reduced energy consumption 30 percent. In four years, this suburban district of Chicago has efficiently battled Northern Illinois’ notorious weather and recaptured more than $980,000 in net savings.

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Net Savings: $980K

Students: 9,000

Very low temperatures can have an adverse effect on equipment performance, and Barrington has an average low temperature fluctuating between the high teens and low 20s during the winter — well below freezing. 

To account for this, the Cenergistic Energy Specialist for Barrington takes time during the fall to make sure system control settings and schedules are appropriate for every area in each building. Each piece of equipment has its own idiosyncrasies, so the Energy Specialist must constantly monitor each system to maintain occupant comfort levels while minimizing energy use. 

The result of these tactics: costs associated with natural gas, the fuel used to power many heating systems, are down 22 percent.