Abilene Christian University Expands Partnership

ACU Partners With Cenergistic® to Continue Success in Energy + Cost Savings

In 2014, ACU had the goals of cost savings to increase funding for student programs, achieving lower energy consumption to reduce their carbon footprint and positively impact the environment, instill a university-wide culture of sustainability, and attain classroom comfort. This led them to partner with Cenergistic® and implement the Sustainability Program, to which they’ve had overwhelming success.

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Percent Savings since 2014: 26%

4,400+ Students with 14 buildings

After saving $4M in energy costs and reducing energy consumption by 23.1% in the first five years of the program, ACU leadership made the easy decision to renew with Cenergistic in 2018. 

With Cenergistic’s recent advances in software and technology, ACU now uses Cenergistic’s GreenX® software application to supplement its facilities staff. Using GreenX, Cenergistic experts, the Energy Specialist and facilities team gain access to real-time energy analytics and alerts on any issues with utility meters. GreenX allows the Energy Specialist to quickly identify opportunities to eliminate energy waste, resolve maintenance issues and optimize all systems and equipment. 

The ACU team continues to receive remote and on-site support from Cenergistic experts, including engineers and industry experts who hold over 140 professional certifications in various facility management fields.