PARAMUS, N.J. — One year into an energy conservation partnership with Cenergistic, a nationwide sustainability company, Paramus Public Schools (PPS) announces a 30-percent drop in energy consumption.

To find opportunities for savings, PPS personnel work closely with Cenergistic experts and the Energy Specialist to audit and optimize energy-using systems across the organization to achieve peak efficiency. The Energy Specialist tracks energy consumption at all campuses with leading state-of-the-art technology to identify waste and drive conservation.

“The Energy Specialist’s insight and persistence have been pivotal to the program’s early successes, especially amid COVID as we collaborated to make sure schools reopened safely,” said Dr. Alfredo Aguilar, Business Administrator at Paramus Public Schools. “I look forward to even greater savings over the next years of the program.”

The initial success of the partnership has already played a significant role in reducing PPS’ carbon footprint. The 30 percent energy reduction from the program equates to avoiding carbon emissions produced by the average car driving approximately 4.7 million miles or the energy use of 326 houses in a year.

Since the start of the COVID-19 shutdown in mid-March, Greg Manzoni, the Energy Specialist, has worked with the maintenance department and building supervisors to ensure equipment runs efficiently. While working remotely, Manzoni tracked interval data trends to highlight spikes in energy and pinpoint the source. Once allowed into buildings, he implemented measures to manage humidity and prepare equipment for eventual reopening. Throughout the process, Cenergistic experts and district personnel have exchanged best practices for running facilities under different scenarios.

“Greg has worked with me to effectively setback buildings during shutdown and has done a fine job implementing moisture management procedures at each of my buildings,” said PPS Building Supervisor Joe Bosticco.

“Getting schools physically ready for reopening has taken the work of every custodian, technician and principal within the school district,” said Manzoni. “It’s taken a team effort to reach this level of savings so quickly.”

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Located in Paramus, New Jersey, the eight schools that comprise our school district share the common mission to provide a safe learning environment for our kindergarten through high school grade students.

About Cenergistic

Since 1986 Cenergistic has partnered with 1470+ educational, municipal government and healthcare organizations to achieve $5.8 billion in utility savings and cost avoidance. These strong results come from the application of Cenergistic’s organizational behavior-based strategies and are enhanced by our proprietary software platform to drive building and equipment optimization. Our energy conservation program reduces utility consumption by an average of 25% with no capital investment while maintaining or improving the comfort and quality of building environments. For more than a decade, Cenergistic has been recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency as ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year or Partner of the Year – Sustained Excellence. To learn more, visit

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