OSU Energy Management Program Tops $80 Million in Total Savings

September 28, 2021

Media Contact: Mack Burke 

Three more Oklahoma State University campus buildings recently earned the $1 Million Energy Reduction Award. Nancy Randolph Davis, Nancy Randolph Davis West and the OSU Athletic Center, which includes Gallagher Iba Arena, bring the total to 15 buildings that have received the designation.

Since its inception in 2007, the OSU Energy Management Program has recorded $82.4 million in energy cost savings across the OSU system. OSU Stillwater itself saved $65 million during the same time period — June 2007 to June 2021. 

“The OSU Energy Management program has been an undeniable success,” said President Kayse Shrum. “These energy saving milestones reflect OSU’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and to our students.”

OSU energy management team member Tammy Johnson said the university continues to provide world-class athletic and educational facilities while being great stewards of resources and funding. 

“Essentially, OSU Energy Management was started a little over 14 years ago with the goal of reducing the university’s utility bills,” Johnson said. “Saving costs while providing the best facilities is our goal. We want to make sure we’re providing a world-class education to our students. Oftentimes, the more comfortable our buildings are, the more efficient they are.”

Johnson said departments across campus and the OSU system deserve credit for doing their part to reduce energy consumption. Some, she said, may not be aware of their own contributions to the program. 

“If you’ve gone to a game at Gallagher-Iba, whether you know it or not, you’ve participated. At this point, people do things to conserve energy and may not even think about it. It’s just part of our culture.” 

For additional tips on how to reduce energy consumption, visit https://fm.okstate.edu/energyservices/energymanagement/index.html

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