FORT WORTH, TX, September 18, 2018 — The Fort Worth Independent School District (FWISD) announces that through its partnership with Cenergistic and implementation of their Energy Conservation Program, energy use is down 16% since 2016. In addition, the FWISD has earned more ENERGY STAR®certified schools (114) than any District in Texas for 2018. The Professional Development Center also earned the ENERGY STAR®, giving the District 115 certifications this year. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) awards certification for superior energy performance.
The energy conservation program began in October of 2016 with goals to achieve more efficient operations, improve building and classroom comfort, and promote sustainability as well as encourage behavioral changes to reduce energy use. In implementing this comprehensive program, the administration has achieved significant cost savings which have proven beneficial for taxpayers, students and employees as financial resources are able to be directed into compelling student programs and other District needs. The annual utility budget has decreased from $19 million to $16 million since the inception of the program.
“We have successfully utilized the resources Cenergistic brings to save the District and taxpayers money,” said Dr. Kent Scribner, FWISD Superintendent. “I’m excited about what the partnership has delivered for us so far. We look forward to continued success and savings.”
The program provides six full-time Cenergistic Energy Specialists to help monitor and maintain energy conservation practices and policies. Cenergistic engineers and experts work closely with the embedded Energy Specialists and other FWISD personnel to audit and optimize each energy-using system throughout the district.
Partnering with Cenergistic is one of many steps FWISD is taking to be proactive in increasing efforts to better the needs of students and staff, including seeking designation as a District of Innovation. This special status enhances student education by providing flexibility regarding certification requirements for professionals in specialized areas — such as engineers — to teach career and technology classes, while allowing FWISD more control over the school calendar for professional development. This plan represents what is important to the Fort Worth ISD community as we look to the future: introducing innovative ideas and methods to prepare all students for college, careers and community leadership.
“Working with a company like Cenergistic has dramatically reduced our energy consumption and become critical to the financial success of our school district,” said Art Cavazos, Chief of District Operations for FWISD. “Cenergistic has proven itself a valuable partner with the best technology, engineering and staff support. We feel the partnership will continue to instill the importance of energy conservation into the minds of staff and students for a more sustainable future.”
About Fort Worth Independent School District 
With approximately 86,000 students in 83 elementary schools, 29 middle schools and 6th grade centers, 18 high schools and 16 other campuses, Fort Worth ISD enjoys a diverse student population and strong community partnerships. Under the leadership of the superintendent and the Board of Education, the District is undergoing a series of initiatives that will redesign, transform, and revitalize Fort Worth ISD Schools. Initiatives include a strong, student-focused District plan for future introducing innovative ideas and methods to prepare all students for college, careers, and community leadership. To learn more, visit
About Cenergistic
For more than 30 years Cenergistic has helped over 1,400 school districts, higher education and other organizations find more than $5B in hidden electricity, natural gas and water savings by applying technology and behavior-based conservation programs. Superintendents, CFOs, COOs and board members can reduce energy and water spending by 30% annually while improving the comfort and quality of the classroom environment, helping students achieve their full learning potential. For 10 consecutive years, Cenergistic has been recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year. To learn more, visit