CHARLOTTE COUNTY, FL, March 1, 2019 – Charlotte County Public Schools (CCPS) has announced its partnership with Cenergistic to implement its Sustainability Solution with the goals of substantial energy consumption reduction and utility savings. CCPS, founded in 1888, is in southwest Florida and serves 16,000+ students with nearly 2,000 staff in 21 district buildings totaling 3.6M square feet.
CCPS was a Cenergistic client from 2006 – 2010 and had great success in energy reduction and cost savings. During this time, Cenergistic helped CCPS achieve 13 ENERGY STAR® building certifications from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). After the Cenergistic contract expired, they established an in-house energy conservation effort. With the retirement of the district-employed Energy Manager and limited resources to maintain the program, energy savings decreased. Superintendent Stephen Dionisio chose to re-partner with Cenergistic to implement its sustainability solution. District administration intends to redirect savings generated by Cenergistic in programs benefiting both students and teachers.
“Cenergistic is excited to re-engage with Charlotte County Public Schools. Since our initial partnership, we have enhanced our offering to include the Ceres™ software platform, including the GreenX™ mobile app which gives our energy specialists and CCPS’ facilities team access to real-time energy analytics and alerts on negatively performing utility meters. This allows for quick identification of opportunities to eliminate energy waste, faster resolution of maintenance issues, and the optimization of district systems. Our technology helps predict when equipment needs to be replaced, adjusted or may have a potential failure,” said Dr. Randy Hoff, Vice Chairman of Cenergistic. “Layering in our mission to change the district-wide culture to one of conservation and sustainability, we plan to see great success for CCPS in both energy use reduction and cost savings.”
The partnership provides CCPS with a full-time Energy Specialist and access to the GreenX™ mobile application for real-time energy analytics and alerts. Facilities staff will also receive access to the Cenergistic Center of Excellence (COE) for remote and onsite support from specialized engineers, M&V, and subject matter experts to holistically optimize CCPS’ equipment and energy usage across all district buildings and facilities.
In addition, Cenergistic will work with leadership, administration, staff, and students to develop a mindset of conservation and culture of sustainability to apply behavior-based energy reduction which will serve the district and generations to come.
About Charlotte County Public Schools
Charlotte County Public Schools was founded in 1888 with young men and women educating the community’s children in town halls and churches and has grown over 130 years to serve 16,000+ students among ten elementary schools, four middle schools, three high schools, three charter schools and one technical college. CCPS’ mission is to promote character and competence in a positive learning culture that ensures success and inspires purpose for all. Visit their website here to learn more.
About Cenergistic
For 33 years Cenergistic has helped over 1,450 K-12 districts, institutions of higher education, governments, and healthcare facilities find more than $5.3B in hidden electricity, natural gas and water savings by applying our advanced Ceres™ software platform and sustainability-as-a-service solutions on their campuses. Superintendents, CFOs, COOs, and board members can reduce energy and water spending by 20-30% annually with no capital investment, while improving the comfort and quality of classroom and building environments, helping students and employees achieve their full potential. For ten consecutive years, Cenergistic has been recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year. To learn more visit