Cenergistic Energy Management Program to Provide Millions in Savings and Help Combat Rising Energy Costs for Four New Partners

April 26, 2022
Thanks to a new partnership with Cenergistic, four new organizations will have the technology and resources they need to optimize their energy use so they can spend the savings on the things that matter most.

Cenergistic, the pioneer and leading provider of technology-enabled energy conservation services, recently inked new agreements with Twin Rivers Unified School District in CaliforniaSarasota County Schools in FloridaKean University in New Jersey, and the City of Clearwater, Florida.

The Cenergistic patented energy conservation platform and process, in combination with a team of Cenergistic engineers and onsite specialists, helps ensure energy performance is optimized, making it simple for end users to keep their facilities running smoothly, efficiently and sustainably.

“By using innovative technology and looking for the best uses of it, we’re creating a sustainable school district,” said Timothy Shannon, Director of Facilities Planning and Efficiency/Transportation at Twin Rivers USD. “And now with the help of Cenergistic we’re expanding our ecosystem of energy conservation so we can build on the positive changes that directly impact the health and comfort of our students, staff and community.”

With Shannon at the helm, Twin Rivers was at the forefront of energy sustainability when it brought in the nation’s largest fleet of zero-emission electric school buses in 2017. The fleet of 40 electric and 37 compressed natural gas buses help improve air quality and decrease noise levels while reducing fuel and maintenance costs.

Now, with the addition of its relationship with Cenergistic, the school district will be able to monitor each building’s energy load throughout the district in real time so it can optimize energy use to maintain a comfortable and healthy learning environment and save money that may be allocated to other resources that directly benefit teachers and students.

“Our partners typically realize an average 24% reduction in energy consumption that saves millions of dollars over time. They may use these savings on the things that matter most to their organization, whether it’s new technology for students, resources for teachers or other community needs,” said Dr. William Spears, founder and CEO of Cenergistic. “And the end result is healthier, more comfortable and efficient buildings that benefit everyone.”

Since 1986, Cenergistic has partnered with more than 1,500 educational, municipal government, healthcare and faith-based organizations to achieve more than $6 billion in utility savings.

The City of Clearwater, FloridaSarasota County Schools, Florida and Kean University in New Jersey will also see savings and sustainability benefits from their new Cenergistic partnerships.

For the City of Clearwater, the Cenergistic program will support the city’s environmental goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and becoming more sustainable. Cenergistic will help them reduce electric, water and natural gas consumption, save money, and lessen their carbon footprint. Sarasota County Schools and Kean University also will benefit from the guidance of Cenergistic through its innovative software platform and onsite energy experts that will identify operational deficiencies, prevent energy waste and save money in the long run.

“We’re simplifying energy management for our partners, and thanks to the science behind our technology platforms we’re able to do it without any capital outlay,” said Spears. “This is a huge benefit to these organizations who are seeking ways to manage energy consumption as efficiently as possible while also realizing millions in potential cost savings over the course of our partnership.”

About Cenergistic

Since 1986 Cenergistic has partnered with 1500+ educational, municipal government and healthcare organizations to achieve $6.3 billion in utility savings and cost avoidance. These strong results come from the application of Cenergistic’s organizational behavior-based strategies and are enhanced by our proprietary software platform to drive building and equipment optimization. Our energy conservation program reduces utility consumption by more than 24% on average with no capital investment while maintaining or improving the comfort and quality of building environments. For 13 consecutive years, Cenergistic has been recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency as ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year or Partner of the Year – Sustained Excellence. To learn more, visit https://cenergistic.com/about-us/energystar.