What is Cenergistic?

  • Founded in 1986, Cenergistic is a Dallas-based company focused on helping our clients achieve energy savings by applying sustainability principles and proprietary software
  • Whether you’re a K-12 district, university or municipality, Cenergistic generates reductions in energy consumption, which leads to savings in energy and utility costs that organizations can reallocate to students, staff, employees or taxpayers
  • In 34 years, more than 1,470 organizations have used our services
  • Our clients have saved $5.8 billion to date

Where do you operate?

  • We have served universities, municipalities, health care facilities and school districts in 48 states

Did Cenergistic change its name?

  • Until 2012, our company was called Energy Education
  • While we had a strong and growing presence primarily in the K-12 education market, the company was expanding into new markets, including healthcare
  • The name Cenergistic better reflects the complex advanced technology and data tools that are an important part of our process. It also reflects the logistical planning that goes into our behavior-based approach to energy conservation


How do you help your clients?

  • Cenergistic helps clients understand how energy is consumed and how to minimize waste
  • We embed Energy Specialists to analyze client organizations and build optimization strategies to help systems work as efficiently and effectively as possible
  • We apply our proprietary, patented technology as well as hundreds of years of combined experience to review and analyze all sources of energy consumption in our clients’ organizations — systems and people
  • Our energy conservation program creates a culture of sustainability, improves comfort, optimizes systems and minimizes energy waste
  • On average, our clients see expected energy consumption reduced by 25%

How is your service offering different from more DIY-type energy conservation methods?

  • Cenergistic applies its proprietary technology and decades of experience to analyze all sources of energy consumption in our clients’ organizations — systems and people
  • One primary tool is our Opti-Commissioning® process through which we optimize existing equipment on an ongoing basis. The Opti-Commissioning® process encompasses Cenergistic’s three unique approaches for reducing energy consumption — equipment calibration, facilities monitoring and behavioral change — to reduce energy consumption
  • Cenergistic’s program also includes the proprietary Cenergistic GreenX® software suite. The company has earned four patents: two for Adjustment Simulation Method for Energy Consumption, the Interval Analysis Tool for Energy Consumption and Building Automation and Control System Modeling and Reporting

Isn’t cost savings, in schools especially, just a matter of shutting off the lights, turning down ACs, shutting off the water, etc.?

  • No, those are simply a few of the 1,200 potential energy conservation measures (ECM) we analyze
  • Our energy specialists, engineers and system experts work closely with clients to analyze every energy-consuming system, using expertise and technology to optimize all existing HVAC equipment and scheduling to achieve significant cost avoidance
  • We have dozens of case studies from clients that detail the savings we helped districts across the country achieve through our program

Is there a competitive bidding process for these contracts?

  • Cenergistic provides professional consulting services
  • In some states, services contracts do not require bidding. Other states require a competitive bidding process
  • Cenergistic complies with the contracting process set forth by our prospects and clients and their respective legal and purchasing teams

Business Model

How does Cenergistic make money?

  • By driving reductions in energy consumption for our clients
  • Some clients’ contracts stipulate a fixed monthly fee and others are based on a 50% share of costs avoided, both of which are funded out of the savings generated by the reduction in consumption. Cost savings are measured based upon a Measurement & Verification plan included in the contract
  • Cenergistic provides all the labor, the expertise, the remote and onsite training and support and the technology, while each client provides support and staff knowledge of their equipment and buildings. All implementation costs are paid by Cenergistic, allowing the client to retain their full portion
  • Cenergistic guarantees each client that if they don’t save at least as much as they invest implementing our energy conservation program, we will write them a check for the difference — for every year of the program

How do you measure energy savings?

  • Cenergistic’s savings results are measured via the contract M&V plan based upon certain guidelines set forth in the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP)
  • Each client licenses energy accounting software, EnergyCAPProfessional, a web-based product that allows our clients to drill down to the utility meter level (electric, natural gas or water — every bill for every meter) for each building. For additional information about EnergyCAP, please visit https://www.energycap.com
  • The software provides a tool for measuring Cenergistic’s work
  • Each client has unrestricted access to every bill entry and adjustment that determines energy savings within the web-based system
  • Adjustments made by Cenergistic personnel are reviewed with the client. Each one is fully documented and fully accessible to the client through its license for the software
  • Cenergistic shares its clients’ desire for transparency and accuracy in determining energy savings