Energy Conservation Services to Save Budget and Help People

Focusing on energy conservation creates a long-term foundation and eclipses the results found through energy service companies (ESCOs) alone.
Your organization can save 25% or more on energy costs. You can reapply those funds to the people you serve. This is how.

The World's First Multidimensional Approach To Sustainability

Cloud-based technology

Cloud-Based Machine Learning


Embedded Energy Experts

green energy savings

Multi-Resource Management

Optimize Facilities and Accelerate Savings

Our energy conservation services don’t rely on simply changing out old equipment for newer, more efficient replacements. Instead, we find ways to optimize existing equipment, through our process of
Opti-Commissioning® so it runs at maximum efficiency — saving you money on both utility costs and facility upgrades.

Improve Comfort for Increased Productivity

Achieve peak performance without sacrificing comfort with Cenergistic’s Sustainability-as-a-Service Energy Conservation Solution. Leverage big data and machine-learning technology to keep your facilities at the perfect temperature for a comfortable environment. 

Create a Culture of Sustainability

We’re creating a movement in sustainability. It’s what we believe in; it’s how we think. We instill “green” behavior into the DNA of your organization to preserve our planet. The energy conservation services we provide extend beyond facilities and into the homes of those we serve, creating a lasting impact for generations to come.  

Ready to Tell Your Organization About Energy Savings?

OSU Energy Management Program Tops $80 Million in Total Savings

“Essentially, OSU Energy Management was started a little over 14 years ago with the goal of reducing the university’s utility bills,” Johnson said. “Saving costs while providing the best facilities is our goal. We want to make sure we’re providing a world-class education to our students. Oftentimes, the more comfortable our buildings are, the more efficient they are.”

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