K-12 School Districts Save Money Nationwide

by relying on Cenergistic for energy conservation
and sustainable energy solutions.

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In school districts, energy spend is the only item that doesn’t require purchase order authority. Therefore, it’s important that energy consumption is taken seriously. School districts save money and energy with Cenergistic® and as good stewards of the tax payer dollars, finding hidden funds in your budget allows you to move money to learning. Turn to Cenergistic® to find cost savings in your utility spend to add to your budget today.

Indianapolis Public Schools@IPSchools
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IPS Deputy Superintdent for Operations, Scott Martin, shares the outstanding energy savings the district is seeing thanks to @Cenergistic. The district is far ahead of the $1.1M projected annual savings seeing that amount saved in just the first 6 months.
Spring ISD@SpringISD
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Happy #EarthDay! It’s a day to appreciate and celebrate the earth! With help from @Cenergistic , we are going-green by eliminating energy waste. #earthday #earthdayeveryday #conserve #happyplanet #spring #reduce #reuse #recycle
Dr. Jon Myers@jmyersnps
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Ten years ago, Noble Public Schools partnered with @Cenergistic #EnergyEducation 🍎 to develop an #EnergyConservation program to help the district save 💰. In ten years, we have saved approximately $2,218,663!!! Thank you to all NPS employees for your support!

1) Save On Utility Spend Now by Eliminating Waste with Proven Energy Conservation Strategies

2) Leverage Predictive Maintenance to Extend Equipment Life and Reduce CapEx

3) Empower Staff with Real-Time Insights via Big Data and Machine Learning

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OSU Energy Management Program Tops $80 Million in Total Savings

“Essentially, OSU Energy Management was started a little over 14 years ago with the goal of reducing the university’s utility bills,” Johnson said. “Saving costs while providing the best facilities is our goal. We want to make sure we’re providing a world-class education to our students. Oftentimes, the more comfortable our buildings are, the more efficient they are.”

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