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About ENERGY STAR® Communications

Cenergistic is excited about supporting clients who choose to pursue national recognition of sustainability efforts through the Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR® program. As part of this effort, we monitor our client’s ENERGY STAR® parameters, which include property type, property use and energy data. We follow-up by notifying clients to apply and assist with the EPA’s process.

Earning ENERGY STAR® Certification positions your building in the top 25 percent of energy efficient buildings of its type nationwide. That’s an achievement worth sharing with your team and community.

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We’ve helped our clients earn more than 12,400  ENERGY STAR® Certifications.

ENERGY STAR® Communication Packet

Cenergistic, an energy conservation company, has created a communication toolkit with various templates to support your ENERGY STAR® public relations efforts. We encourage you to follow your organization’s guidelines on communication. Customize the content to fit your needs, but please don’t alter Cenergistic quotes or the ‘About Us’ section.


Step One

  • Our Operations team will contact you about buildings that may qualify for the award and assist with the EPA process.
  • Ask your Energy Specialist for your organization’s environmental and energy conservation data. You’ll need this information for your press release.
  • Complete the ENERGY STAR building profile copy for the EPA application.


Step Two

  • Let employees take pride in their organization’s recognition for environmental stewardship. Send an internal email message to administration, faculty, teachers and staff.


  • Let your community know about your organization’s commitment to maximizing energy efficiency. Send an email to external stakeholders, such as parents, students and alumni.


  • Let this moment of success become a catalyst for social media engagement. Show followers the commitment your organization has for sustainability.


Step Three

  • Control the narrative. Develop talking points for media, community and civic organizations, and get the word out about your ENERGY STAR® success.
  • Aim for maximum awareness. Use this press release template for your organization’s website.


  • Push to get this story published in local newspapers and broadcasting stations. Use this template to write a guest editorial for local media channels.


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ENERGY STAR® Resources

Questions? Just Ask

Feel free to contact your dedicated Cenergistic representatives at any time. Above all, we are here to support your program-related communication needs. Let us help you get the word out about joining our sustainability movement.

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