Cenergistic Awards

Award Details

Cenergistic recognizes great customers – the ones who have stories of innovative sustainability success. We honor select clients each year from the categories below. Each award-winning client has shown great strides towards a more sustainable future and we could not be happier to acknowledge their hard work and transformation.

Cenergistic Client Award Categories:

  • Energy Stewardship
  • Environmental Excellence
  • Pacesetter
  • Energy Excellence
  • Chairman’s Sustainability

To download the full summary of available awards, descriptions, eligibility and ceremony procedures, please click the link below.

Client Award Categories & Descriptions

*All awards include a press release opportunity, plaque and poster-size certificate that represents either cost savings, energy savings, or energy reduction impact for the environment. Awards can be hand delivered during leadership meetings, public forums, or other similar events.

Award Winners:

Congratulations on your Award! Below are resources to help you spread the word.

Energy Stewardship - Press Release Template
Environmental Excellence - Press Release Template
Pacesetter - Press Release Template
Energy Excellence - Press Release Template
Chairman's Sustainability - Press Release Template

As part of your achievement, Cenergistic will be recognizing you on our social media channels and we encourage you to promote your win as well! Social media is also a great way to recognize the folks in your district who helped make this win possible – we like to call these people Unsung Heroes.

The Social Media Guide below will help point you in the right direction with your social media efforts.

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Social Media Guide

It’s important that you promote this achievement internally. Successful energy conservation programs aren’t possible without organization-wide support.

Winners Circle:

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