Over the past 20+ years, there’s been a huge shift in the information technology paradigm as it relates to buildings and facilities management, and how they use and analyze energy. Previously, it was thought that in order to operate facilities efficiently, an in-house employee or team of employees was necessary to both maintain equipment and plan & assess energy usage. But with the rapid evolution of technology amidst the Internet of Things (IoT) as well as cloud computing, new lower-cost alternatives in energy conservation have been introduced and allow customers (building owners, facilities/operations directors, et al) to create intelligent building systems from older buildings and equipment or expand the capabilities of existing intelligent building systems they already have in place through advanced software.
With our current further digital transformation, there is a reinvention of how industries view energy conservation: it is changing education, medical and commercial facilities into intelligent buildings, and software such as EnergyCAP offers easily digestible data, analytics, information and energy use to users. Advanced software can even provide smart meters, equipment diagnostics, failure prediction, preventative maintenance management and more. For the consumer, this evolution means it is now easier than ever to reach their energy conservation goals, and a much larger set of potential intelligent buildings customers are installing software and solutions that digitally transform their facilities. It also means HUGE utility cost savings. When the objectives of key stakeholders easily meet the reality of energy conservation through intelligent building software that provides energy AND business improvements, that’s a win for everyone. It’s in this idea (as well as our advancement in technology), that in its industry, intelligent building software is leading energy conservation today.
Intelligent Building Software in Action
We know an intelligent building provides a cost-effective and productive environment through optimization of three basic elements: structure, systems and services & management. And Cenergistic is at the forefront. Through the expertise of highly-skilled program managers, engineers & analysts that lay structure, advanced technology and proprietary software that provides high-level analytics & reporting to maintain systems are operating as efficiently as possible, and energy specialists on the ground who are constantly monitoring and managing, you can see an overall 20% – 30% reduction in electricity, water and gas consumption. Cenergistic can help you reach the goal of making your building, an intelligent building.