Jack Bullock, PE

EVP & Chief Engineer

Jack serves as Executive Vice President and Chief Engineer at Cenergistic with oversight of the product engineering strategy. With more than 38 years of experience in energy and facility management systems, his vision has helped Cenergistic provide innovative solutions to K-12 districts, universities and municipalities across the nation.

Prior to Cenergistic, Jack served as Area Solutions Development Leader at Honeywell where he was recognized with a Corporate Lifetime Achievement Award for technical excellence for his work in developing complex technical solutions. Jack has four United States patents: two for the calculations and processes needed to simulate or predict a building’s energy consumption, the third for proactively finding faults in HVAC units, and the fourth for analytics that examine smart meter interval data for missed energy conservation opportunities.

These patents form the foundation of the Cenergistic GreenX® software platform, enabling clients to reduce energy waste and return operating costs to their budget. Jack holds the following licenses and certifications: Professional Engineer, Microsoft Certified Network Engineer, Certified Energy Manager and Certified Building Energy Simulation Analyst. He received a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Kennedy Western University and an AS in Electrical Engineering from Hutchinson Community College.