Communicating Success

Our clients regularly receive enthusiastic coverage of their Cenergistic energy savings programs in local print, online and broadcast media.

In fact, getting the word out to all members of the community is key to maximizing the potential of an energy savings program.

In the early months of a program, it is vital to keep all key constituents informed of the goals and value of the program, as well as the progress that has been made.

Cenergistic provides experienced, hands-on public relations and communications support to our clients.

We encourage our clients to be proactive in communicating with the community, whether directly or through local media.

We provide strategic guidance and customizable tools and templates to help you build a robust communications program.

We will assist your administrators in addressing questions from within the organization, from the public and from the press.

Our media professionals are always available to answer questions and offer practical advice.

We want to ensure that everyone responsible for the success of a Cenergistic energy conservation program receives positive recognition in the media and in the community.

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