Implementation Methodology

Your Cenergistic program involves every aspect of your organization: people, buildings, current equipment, grounds, weather, and your long-range plans:

We create an immediate impact on your energy use when our own engineers work on-site with your operations staff to pinpoint the strengths and opportunities in your current energy program.

The Cenergistic process, validated in independent studies and results for more than a quarter-century, inspires an institution-wide commitment to sustainability through organizational behavior principles and team-building methods.

We embed one or more Cenergistic energy specialists in your organization — a feature unique to our process. The energy specialist typically comes from your local community — an insider familiar with your culture and policies who we train to implement the Cenergistic process. Your energy specialist ensures that the program is working every day, all the time, in every building.

Your energy use and savings are measured and analyzed in real time using EnergyCAP® software, the industry standard, as well as our own proprietary technology tools.

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