Frequently Asked Questions

We often get questions about what we do, financial risks, and more. If you don’t see your question below, please feel free to reach out to us at the bottom of the page.

What are the upfront costs and are financial risks involved?

There are no upfront costs, or any net cost to you, since we guarantee the entire cost of our energy management program: fees to Cenergistic and the energy accounting software license will all be funded from savings generated by the program. There are no new budgeted dollars required because the program is funded from your existing utility budget — dollars you are already spending on energy and will continue to spend until substantial behavioral changes are made.

Won’t we save more money by implementing our own energy management program?

Organizations that have implemented an energy management program on their own have typically had the following experiences:

  • Many never get the plan past the concept stage.
  • They have no way to accurately measure results.
  • Most lack the level of depth and expertise required to implement and sustain an energy program long term.
  • Those that actually implement a program achieve at best only a 5–7% savings over time, typically by mandating behavior. Cenergistic achieves a 20–30% savings, and higher, using positive reinforcement, rigorous and accountable follow-through, data and technology, and proven techniques that eliminate roadblocks, optimize your infrastructure, and change behavior long-term.
  • The “Energy Specialist” quickly becomes the “Every-other-job-nobody-else-wants” Specialist.
  • Most in-house efforts frustrate staff and create strong resistance to future conservation efforts.

The true value of an energy conservation program is not found in its perceived low cost but in the net savings it generates. Significant net savings will not be achieved without double-digit reductions in energy consumption — something only possible through the team efforts of highly trained and experienced energy experts and a rigorous, proven, repeatable process for execution.

Why can’t our Director of Facilities implement and manage this program without help from an outside vendor?

We recently tallied the responsibilities we have seen assigned to facilities departments. The list came to more than 70 individual responsibilities. Undoubtedly your facilities staff already has a very full plate. On top of that, a recent study showed that funding for maintenance and operations is down 22% over the last 10 years.

Facilities, maintenance and operations, and other departments are absolutely critical to the success of your energy program. With Cenergistic, your team of professionals — already busy — supports the program that Cenergistic implements, versus having the responsibility to design, optimize, implement and sustain a program from scratch — without our expertise. It’s the difference between low savings that aren’t worth the effort, and maximum savings and impact.

Will our staff need to devote additional time to make this program a success?

Cenergistic’s program does not require any significant added-time commitments from current staff. Our clients hire us to reduce the burden on their existing staff. The program does require strong support and commitment from both your board and senior leadership. If you will provide the commitment, we’ll provide the resources needed to generate significant savings.

We’ve already installed, automated or upgraded equipment to control our energy consumption. How will Cenergistic’s process still save us money?

Equipment solutions focus on energy efficiency — making sure your equipment runs on as little energy as possible. Cenergistic’s program, on the other hand, focuses on energy conservation — making sure equipment only runs when it is truly needed, and is optimized to achieve peak performance. That, coupled with our energy management process — a proven methodology for ensuring comprehensive and consistent implementation — creates savings over and above what energy-efficient equipment generates.

How will we know how much money we actually save through the program?

Cenergistic believes that total transparency between vendor and client is essential when measuring and verifying energy savings. We empower our clients through training and unfettered access to the third party software to validate that their program is reducing consumption and saving money.

To make this transparency in accounting and reporting possible, every Cenergistic client licenses EnergyCAP® software from an independent software company. EnergyCAP is the web-based industry leader, used by hundreds of major corporations, nonprofit organizations and government agencies, including the Smithsonian Institution; the State of Tennessee; the City of Washington, D.C.; the State of Colorado; the National Guard; the United States Department of the Navy and United States Marine Corps; and a division of the United States Department of Energy.

EnergyCAP adheres to industry guidelines that define how utility savings should be calculated and measured. You can view a brief demo of EnergyCAP here.

Will the savings be achieved by making our staff and students uncomfortable?

Our goal is to produce savings of at least 20–30% while ensuring an effective working or learning environment. If anything, Cenergistic clients experience improved conditions, because systems are optimized and continually monitored.

What if we want to hire Cenergistic, but don’t have the funds in our current budget to take on any new projects?

Hiring Cenergistic is a budget-neutral decision. All of the dollars needed to fund Cenergistic’s energy management program are paid out of your current utility budget. No new funds are required. You don’t need to purchase any equipment or budget any new dollars to achieve these savings. No capital outlay is required.

Performance contracting companies tell us they can also train our people as part of their equipment program. Do we still need Cenergistic?

Absolutely. Performance contractor training is typically limited to teaching the maintenance and operations staff how to run the new equipment. Cenergistic’s energy management program typically produces savings of 20-30% on top of those produced by mechanical programs because we target a different area of savings opportunity. While the bulk (if not all) of the savings produced by mechanical programs goes toward paying off the equipment, our program produces net savings you can invest in personnel, programs, maintenance and even mechanical retrofits within the first few months of implementation.

Why select Cenergistic? What makes Cenergistic’s program truly unique?

Here are 9 reasons our offering is unique:

1. 1,200 Evaluation Areas: We leverage over 1,200 evaluation areas to identify consumption-saving opportunities — without capital investments in new equipment, new control systems or new budgeted dollars for staff.

2. Proven Implementation Process: Our proven energy management process is a rigorous, time-tested implementation methodology that strives to save every dollar possible.

3. Immediate Savings: Because our program includes an initial launch period where we ramp up savings before your first payment, Cenergistic produces net savings in weeks or months, not years.

4. Our Guarantee: Our industry-leading guarantee states that you WILL net savings. No client has ever lost money implementing our program.

5. 20–30% Savings: Most of our clients have saved 20% to 30% off their utility bills. Many have saved even more.

6. 23,000 Facilities, 1,400 Years of staff Energy Management Experience: We have unparalleled experience focusing purely on energy conservation.

7. Measurement Integrity and Transparency: Your savings are verifiable because they are based on data collected directly off of your utility bills and reported through the software you license directly from the manufacturer.

8. No Impact on Headcount: Cenergistic employs and provides one or more on-site dedicated Energy Specialists for your program. These people are typically members of your community. Cenergistic has hired and trained more energy managers than any other company in the world.

9. ENERGY STAR® Validation: 2017 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year – Sustained Excellence Award marks nine straight years of national recognition.

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