Detailed Measurement, Rigorous Verification

Cenergistic measures your savings accurately through our five-step Measurement & Verification (M&V) Process.

1. Measurement & Verification Plan

A plan, agreed upon by the client and Cenergistic, that specifies accurate savings measurement for your company.

The plan adheres to the international industry guidelines of the IPMVP (International Performance Measurement Verification Protocol).

2. Measurement of Actual Use

Information from your utility bills (every meter, every facility) is entered into EnergyCAP® M&V software, including cost, energy units and billing period.

3. Value the Energy Saved

EnergyCAP® compares the current usage to the baseline year, ensuring that an “apples to apples” comparison is made by adjusting so that the conditions are the same.

The difference — your consumption savings — is valued at today’s energy price.

4. Quality Assurance

Starts with automated quality checks in the EnergyCAP® software, and includes rigorous quality control by Center of Excellence professionals.

Savings reports are certified by our dedicated QA staff.

5. Reporting

Cenergistic’s savings reports show you the amount of reduced energy use and the value of that savings to your organization, as well as detailed information for budgeting.

Reporting also helps identify additional savings opportunities.


The energy accounting process starts with a plan detailing procedures, measurement points and conditions, and more.

It specifies how we measure your savings together.

Measurement itself is done with the industry’s leading M&V software tool, EnergyCAP®, which controls for factors affecting energy use. Some of these factors include weather effects, facility size, equipment or use changes and billing period differences.

Cenergistic’s in-house Center of Excellence provides our clients with advanced M&V knowledge that we apply to all client energy programs.

The quality control procedures in place include a separate staff dedicated to quality checks of your savings data.

This comprehensive M&V process guarantees we deliver what we promised — real savings, so you can focus on your own mission.

Cenergistic believes that energy accounting through M&V is critical to the success of your program — and our promise to you. That’s why we ensure our clients are licensed users of EnergyCAP®, the leading M&V software.

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