Energy-Smart Municipalities

Cenergistic® = Cost & Energy Savings

Making Your City Green = Tax Dollar Savings

Spend Less and Give Your Residents More

With Cenergistic®, energy conservation becomes municipalities most sustainable way to save. Stay focused on paving and public safety with Cenergistic® as your trusted partner for sustainability.

Make Your City Energy Smart

Go Green, Save Sustainably

Don’t settle for haphazard building audits or patchwork equipment fixtures because your facilities and operations teams are stretched thin. Give them the tools to achieve real energy savings from the world’s first multidimensional approach to sustainability.

34 Years of Expertise

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Our Energy Specialists, engineers and analysts complement your operations team with 34 years of field-tested expertise to optimize conservation and performance of all of your systems and facilities.

Energy-Savings Acceleration Technology

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Leverage the Cenergistic GreenX® software platform to normalize historical and daily meter data. Discern anomalies compared to performance benchmarks for every facility. Resolve energy waste and remove "hidden" costs in an instant.

Join Our Movement
in Sustainability

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Our mission is to create a culture of sustainability within your organization. It’s what we believe in -- it’s how we think. We instill “green” behavior into the DNA of your administration and staff to preserve our planet.

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