A Pioneer in Utility Conservation

In the early 1980s, our founder, Dr. William S. Spears, was a member of the Wichita Falls, Texas school board.

The school district was adding air conditioning to 22 schools and the budget implications were dire.

Dr. Spears designed a utility savings program that transformed district personnel and students from utility consumers to utility savers — with no upfront capital expenditures.

The cost savings, even after the added equipment, was almost $1 million dollars in the first year.

As a result of his revolutionary program, both the U.S. Department of Energy and the State of Texas presented Dr. Spears with the prestigious Energy Innovation Award (1986).

Other school districts soon took notice and Dr. Spears founded Cenergistic to handle their needs.

Since that time we have saved 1,400 clients over $5 billion dollars — making us the leader in utility conservation.

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