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We make you the hero by providing expert-managed sustainability solutions to provide a brighter, cleaner future.

Cenergistic® is

Multiply Your Sustainability Efforts, Accelerate Results

Energy Specialists
Help Capture Savings

Energy Specialists are embedded onsite to provide your facilities staff with bandwidth to manage the health and comfort of your buildings. We help you understand how energy is consumed and eliminate waste, so you can focus on what matters most. 

Our Experts Redirect
Savings to Your Budget

Our team of highly-skilled and trained engineers and analysts come with hundreds of years of combined experience, so you can be sure they will lead you to the cost savings you need. And, you can put that money back where it counts.

Cenergistic GreenX Powers

Conservation and Comfort at a Moments Notice

Energy Specialists are equipped with the latest technology to reach energy conservation superhero status. Available as a mobile app and on PC, Cenergistic GreenX® tracks all of your utility, meter, interval meter and EMS data. Over time, with machine learning, Cenergistic GreenX® understands how your buildings should operate day-over-day, month-over-month, and year-over-year. Cenergistic GreenX® detects anomalies in the usage profile and alerts on-site Energy Specialists and your facilities staff of potential issues in real-time. Finding opportunities with actionable insights has never been easier.

Riverside Unified School District

Cenergistic's Energy Specialists Helped Them Achieve 27% in Energy Savings

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houston area schools

Houston Area Schools – TX

Houston Area Schools Save Combined $15.6M Through Cenergistic® Programs Cenergistic® has helped five Houston area schools (Alief ISD, Fort Bend ISD, Spring ISD, Katy ISD

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