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America’s K-12 school districts are shaping the future of our country. In an increasingly competitive global economy, our schools are being asked to deliver as never before. At the same time funding for education is constrained in virtually every state. In this environment, maximizing a district’s resources is mission-critical to serving the needs of students, families, staff and the community.

Cenergistic is helping school districts across the country meet this challenge. In fact, we have partnered with K-12 school districts since our inception in 1986. Our K-12 clients are located in every climate in the United States. Cenergistic experts help thousands of administrators, educators and staff collectively manage over $1 billion in annual utility costs across 20,000 facilities.

Our school district clients range in size from small- to mid-sized districts with as little as $1 million in annual utility costs, up to very large major metropolitan districts with hundreds of facilities and tens of millions of dollars in annual energy spend.

Success Stories

California - Whittier Union High School District

Whittier Union High School District
Whittier, CA

Whittier Union High School District is an ENERGY STAR Top Performer, placing the district in the top 25% of the most efficient in the nation.

The district has also earned ENERGY STAR 20 Percent Leader for reducing its energy consumption by more than 20 percent.

WUHSD participates in Southern California Edison’s Summer Discount Program, and earns more than $55,000 per year in rebates for its ability to quickly curb energy use during periods of high demand.

Dr. Bill Jordan
Manager of Facilities & Planning

Dr. Bill Jordan is the Facility and Planning Manager for the Whittier Union High School District. He has held this position for over fourteen years and is responsible for maintenance and operations for the entire district which consists of six campuses plus the district administrative and maintenance offices.

He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Auburn University which he attended on a football scholarship, a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Pepperdine University and a Ph.D. in Business Administration from LaSalle University.

2008 13,680 1,318,347 27% 103 36.89

Georgia - Troup County School System

Troup County School System
LaGrange, GA

Troup County School System is saving 29% of its expected energy costs in the program’s second year. Strategic building scheduling and system management, overseen by Cenergistic’s engineers and experts, is delivering significant savings throughout the year.


Mr. John Radcliffe
Assistant Superintendent for Operations

Mr. John Radcliffe is Assistant Superintendent for Operations for Troup County School System.

2010 12,500 2,419,404 33% 82 30.79

Kentucky - Warren County Schools

Warren County Schools
Bowling Green, KY

At Warren County Schools, savings from their energy program are equivalent to more than 147 teaching positions funded for a year. They have 19 ENERGY STAR buildings, many for multiple years, totaling 49 recognitions. They are home to the nation’s first Net Zero School, Richardsville Elementary. Warren County Schools also won the 2009 Andromeda Award from the Alliance to Save Energy.

2003 14,000 2,217,402 25% 164 43.04

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